Have you tried some Adult Icecream?

Yes, it is National Ice Cream Month with the third Sunday of July being National Ice Cream Day thanks to President Ronald Reagan's proclamation in 1984. This tradition is equally observed in the UK and Canada among others. In these countries, ice cream month comes at a time when the summer heat has many running for cool glasses of lemonade so what better way to soothe oneself than with creamy ice-cold delight. 

Now before you start feeling guilty, ice cream has many health benefits including Vitamins D, B2, and C, Carbohydrates as well as calcium. These help to boost one's energy, libido, immunity, and make the bones stronger.

Currently, the known categories of ice cream are; Organic ice cream made from organic milk and ingredients, gluten-free ice cream made for gluten-sensitive people, Italian style Gelato having a powerful flavor and more milk, lactose-free ice cream having lactose enzyme or untraceable lactose, frozen dairy dessert having low-fat and no sugar, fat-free frozen dairy dessert having modified milk and natural sweeteners, light ice cream made with low fat milk, French ice cream made with a custard base and egg yolks, hard ice cream having cream, milk, sugar and eggs and finally soft ice cream made with milk, sugar, and cream.

 Since President Ronald Reagan's proclamation, ice cream companies have made it a point to bring new ways to celebrate National Ice Cream Day. Some years have seen ice cream trucks handing out freebies during the day in different neighborhoods across the country. This year the trend seems to be pushing more for adult ice cream. No need to fear for the kids, we will still be enjoying all the traditional ice cream flavors we have grown to love only that there is a lot more for the adventurous adults.

So what is adult ice cream? The best answer to that is picturing a bar that meets the ice cream parlor situation. Ice cream parlors that serve adult ice cream over the past few years have been nicknamed "barlours". So does that mean you sit with an ice cream sundae and your favorite alcoholic drink then have them interchangeably? Not at all, although no one would stop you from doing that. However, with adult ice cream the mixing is all done for you and you get served a full combination of ice cream infused with alcohol in not so intoxicating volumes but just enough to tickle your booze nerves.

From the SuperCool Creamery in Los Angeles, Buzzed Bull Creamery in Cincinnati - Ohio, The Ice Cream Bar in San Francisco, Luigi’s Ice Cream at Ani Ramen in Jersey City - N.J, Prohibition Creamery in Austin - Texas, Spun Ice Cream in Austin - Texas to Browndog Barlour and Restaurant in Farmington and Northville - Michigan, barlours are bringing a late-night party at day time in a cone, stick or cup whichever way you prefer yours. On average the ABV for most adult ice cream is 0.5 -13% as per the particular barlour's recipes. As with traditional ice cream parlors, some flavors such as Vanilla and Chocolate continue to feature only that they are tailored to the specific liquor being infused and named accordingly. As we look out for what the commercial ice cream makers will bring to the table, feel free to challenge yourself to create some homemade adult ice cream after all in that case you get to choose the ABV.

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